Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Visiting the museum next door: National Museum of Natural History

We usually have two or more docents and volunteers at the Spark!Lab every morning. But for some reason, this morning there weren’t any volunteer or docent at the Spark!Lab. So it was up to me and Danielle Weaver (one of three of Spark!Lab’s part-time facilitators) to conduct all the activities. There were a lot of visitors at the Spark!Lab today so Danielle and I did two experiments simultaneously. Danielle facilitated the DNA extraction, while I chose to do the CO2 experiment. After conducting three back-to-back experiments within two hours (we normally just conduct experiments every hour on the hour unless there are a lot of visitors), I was more than ready to take my break and do something else! Luckily, some of the docents and volunteers arrived and took over.

After finishing today’s duty at the Spark!Lab, I decided to visit our next door neighbor- the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). They have a new exhibit entitled “Written in Bones: How Human Remains Unlock the Secrets of the Dead”. Since I love watching crime shows on TV (CSI, Bones, Law and Order, The Closer), I was very excited to see the exhibit!

While at the NMNH, I also watched an IMAX 3D of “Dinosaurs: Giants of Pantagonia”. I felt as though I have recently seen this movie but I couldn’t remember where. Perhaps in one of the demo booths at this year’s AMM Conference in Philadelphia. But then again since I have really bad memory, it’s possible that  I actually saw this movie during my observation tour of museums in the US in 2001.

When the museum closed at 7pm, I walked around the Mall and sat down in one of the benches outside the Smithsonian Castle. I watched several teams play baseball and waited for the sun to set. It was such a nice evening with a warm breeze and a lovely way to end my day.

Sunset at the Mall
* Originally written in my internship journal: July 2009

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