Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Developing the Diving and Climbing Sparkies

For my internship project, I was tasked to develop activities/experiments that can be implemented at the Spark!Lab. Since the Spark!Lab focuses on creativity and invention, I decided to create two activities that support both. Steve and I both agreed that making toys that explain basic science concepts would be a good activity for kids. Thus, I started developing one diving toy, based on the Cartesian Diver, and a climbing toy, based on something I read online.

Cartesian Diver

First two templates for the climbing toy

I started showing the diving and climbing toys to staff and volunteers at the Spark!Lab. Then someone suggested I rename the toys Sparky, in honor of Spark!Lab’s mascot. And this was how Diving Sparky and Climbing Sparky were born!

I modified the Climbing Sparky template and used the mascot instead of an animal or a person

Showing off my Climbing Sparky!

* Originally written in my internship journal: July 2009

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