Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joe and the Diving Sparky

Experiments and activities at the Spark!Lab normally starts at 11am. However, at the request of two docents who were eager to learn how to conduct the Diving Sparky activity, I started facilitating the first activity at 1030 am.  Ten kids participated during the first round. As these kids were leaving the bench (this is how we call the table where experiments are done), eight more kids immediately took their place! So as not to disappoint them, we decided to conduct another activity right away. This time, however, I asked Joe to facilitate the activity. Joe is one of the docents who has been very enthusiastic about the Diving Sparky activity and was very interested in conducting it himself. He has been observing me conduct the Diving Sparky every time he is on duty at the Spark!Lab. 

Materials needed to make a Diving Sparky

I hung back to give Joe space but stayed close to make sure that he has all the materials for the activity and to provide assistance if needed. He did very well and seemed to have extremely enjoyed facilitating the activity. He later confessed that he truly liked the Diving Sparky when I showed it to him two weeks ago. In fact, he even made one with his granddaughter at home for practice! 

Kids kept coming and Joe just kept making Diving Sparkies with them non-stop! By 2pm, after making over 50 Diving Sparkies, and using up all of the paper clips I could find at the office, I declared the Diving Sparky activity officially done for the day. 

*Originally written in my internship journal: July 2009

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