Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to blogging... again

It has been over a year when I last posted an entry. Since then I have already completed my Master's Degree in Museum Studies at the University of Florida. I guess it goes without saying that I finished my thesis-project, "Teachers guide to establishing a classroom museum in the Philippines"! I am now looking for funding to make this project a reality and distribute to teachers here in the Philippines. I will keep you posted on that in my future posts. I have also gone back home to the Philippines. It's great to be back home!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ethel,

Congrats on finishing your degree!

Glad to stumble upon your blog. Will recommend it to a cousin here who's also a museum studies major.


Ethelee said...

Hi Ted! Thanks!

I hope your cousin is enjoying her program. Museum Studies is a lot of fun!

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