Thursday, February 19, 2009

Summer Internship at the Smithsonian

Excerpt from the e-mail I received this afternoon...


Dear Ethel,

We would be delighted for you to join us 
this summer as an intern! After talking with you and reviewing your 
resume, **** and I both feel that your breadth of experience in 
developing programs and activities both for in-museum and online 
audiences will be of great value to us as we continue to improve and 
refine Spark!Lab. In turn, I think it will provide you with good 
experience in working with a large volume of visitors from very diverse 


I still cannot believe it... two months at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC!!! I am sooooo excited!!!

Talk about a dream come true!

It might be time to update this picture taken over 7 years ago :)

Postcard collection...

I have been collecting postcards since 2001. I normally buy a postcard of a place/city I visit and then mail them home to my parents. I also buy art works postcards from museums I visit, simply because I cannot afford to buy reproductions of all the works that I like.

Today, I found a new reason to collect postcards of artworks. I was at a meeting with the Education Director at the Harn Museum - a seasoned art educator. At some point during our animated conversation, she showed me a stack of postcards that she collected and use for teaching art.

What a great idea!!!

So now, I have a better reason for collecting postcards, and YOU can help enrich my collection by sending me a postcard, or two or three :) from a museum that you visit. Let me know if you want my mailing address. 

I would love to receive postcards from all over the world!!!